Most expensive neighborhoods in San Francisco

The 23 San Francisco’s housing market is, in a word, insane. Thanks to a perfect storm of interrelated factors — from a tangled web of city policies that prevent development to an influx of young tech workers who want to live in trendy areas — San Francisco doesn’t have enough housing for everybody.In fact, despite a dip in prices, the average price of a home in San Francisco in April 2016 was still $1.2 million dollars, says homebuying brokerage Redfin.But there’s a wide variety of neighborhoods in San Francisco, and some are pricier than others. And so, there are neighborhoods where even $1.2 million won’t get you much. Here are the 23 San Francisco neighborhoods, out of 50 total, where the median home price is $1 million or more, with data taken from Redfin’s April 2016 report. Just keep in mind that those averages take homes and condos alike into account, so prices may seem a little lower in areas with lots of little apartments. Spoiler alert: The most expensive neighborhood in San Francisco had a median home price of $2,137,500.


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